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Changes to the EC Sales List

Newsletter issue - March 2010.

If you regularly sell goods to VAT-registered businesses in other countries you will be familiar with the form VAT 101, also known as the EC Sales List. This form has been used to record the cross-border movement of goods for Government statistical purposes. It does not require a payment to be submitted with the form. However, you can be charged a penalty if you don't submit your EC Sales List on time.

For sales made on and after 1 January 2010 the EC Sales List must also record the value of certain services supplied to VAT registered businesses in other EU countries, as well as goods. The services affected are those where the reverse charge applies, which means the customer charges themselves VAT at their own local rate, the supplier of the service does not add VAT to the invoice. This reverse charge procedure applies to most services supplied to business customers across international borders from 1 January 2010.

The EC sales list must be completed monthly if the value of the goods supplied to overseas businesses exceeds £70,000 per year, otherwise the form must be submitted for each calendar quarter, which are not necessarily your VAT quarters. If your annual turnover is less than £145,000, and your overseas sales of goods and services amounts to less than £11,000 you can ask the Tax Office for permission to submit the EC sales list on an annual basis.

You are not given much time to complete an EC sales list, as the paper form must reach HMRC within 14 days of the end of the quarter, so that's by 14 April 2010 for the quarter ending on 31 March 2010. If you chose to submit your EC Sales List online you have 21 days from the end of the quarter to submit the form, which is still not long. We can submit the EC sales list on your behalf, but we need details of all your overseas sales and customers to do so.

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